DIA DE LOS MUERTOS // Day of the Dead DIY Projects and Recipes

Hello Travelers! In Los Angeles, where the Tingomo studio is located, we are lucky to have so many events celebrating Dia de Los Muertos or "Day of the Dead." Happening just after halloween, this is a day when many Latin American cultures honor their ancestors. At my son's school, they celebrate with Aztec Dancers (here's a video if you've never seen this amazing tradition). At my daughter's school, the students make altars to remember a family member or pet who has passed away.

Dia de Los Muertos Aztec Dancers

Aztec Dancers at the Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead celebration.

At home, we love making Mexican Papel Picado. This "pierced paper" is made by artisans using chisels to cut stacks of tissue paper into intricate designs. We fold our paper and use scissors. Get your own Mexico Fiesta Flag kit or party pack here

Tingomo Passport Craft Kit // Mexico Fiesta Flags

Check out the projects below for some DIY crafts and recipes you can use to celebrate at home. 

If there's a Day of the Dead celebration in your city, be sure to check it out! You'll see many people with a Calavera skull painted on all or half of their face. 

Day of the Dead Dia de Los Muertos Folklorico // Tingomo Passport Craft Kits

Folklorico Dancers at the Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead celebration.

Day of the Dead honors loved ones who have passed with ofrendas (altars), and you can make your own by simply using a shoe box or other upcycled box and filling it with pictures, decorations like paper flowers, sugar skulls, and some favorite foods that your loved one enjoyed

These are often included in the ofrendas (altars). Make your own out of sugar with this recipe, or make one out of paper mache to paint, thanks to this post from Kid World Citizen. 

These are great to decorate a room or hair! 

Try these traditional recipes from across the many countries that celebrate Dia de Los Muertos. My family loves the Mexican sweet conchas at any time of the year, and I'll be trying some pan muerto (luckily our local bakeries have it if I don't get a chance to make my own!).