Tingomo's three goals are to promote creativity, share world cultures, and care for people and the planet.

TINGOMO CARES for people around the world by making a donation for every kit sold back to the country that inspired the kit. We partner with organizations that do at least one of the following:

• Support artisans living in poverty - traditional crafts are a crucial source of income, particularly for rural, indigenous people. They allow artisans to stay in their communities and maintain their cultures instead of leaving to find jobs in a city. Programs help artisans with the skills and financing to buy materials, hone their craft, market their product, and negotiate a fair price.

• Help families stay together - an estimated 90% of children living in orphanages have a living parent but are there due to poverty. We support programs that strengthen families and help parents find sources of income to allow them to keep their children home. Traditional crafts are often an important economic opportunity as parents can do these at home, on their own schedule, and without moving to the city to look for work.

• Send girls to school - poor families often can't afford to send their daughters to school, or need them to work at home. This makes girls vulnerable to trafficking or marriage and motherhood earlier than they might choose. But a girl who completes school not only can better determine her own future, she can better contribute to her family and community.

We currently support Maiti Nepal, the The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and the Traditional Arts, and SOS Children's Villages in Mexico.

We also give away a class pack each month. Find out how to nominate a classroom at TINGOMO CARES for teachers. We also give away a free kit to a homeschool family; nominate yourself or someone else here
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TINGOMO CARES for the planet by using minimal, recycled packaging and sustainable materials. We use zero single-use plastics because of the devastating impact they are having on the world's oceans, wildlife, and food chains. We work with a local printer who uses eco-friendly inks. To the greatest degree possible, our kit components are made of natural and sustainably-sourced materials. Many of our materials are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are recyclable or biodegradable. // back to top

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