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Frequently Asked Questions:
What does "Tingomo" mean?
How do you decide what crafts to feature?
Where can I buy kits? 
Do you offer international shipping? 
Are Passport Craft Kits for boys or girls?
Are Passport Craft Kits for kids or adults?
What do I do if it didn't come out right?
I lost my Tingomo passport!
Which non-profits do you support? 
How can my school / after-school program / homeschool get free kits?
How are your kits made?
Subscription FAQs

What does "Tingomo" mean?
"Tin" is the Nepali word for "three" and "-gomo" is part of the Zulu word for "goal." We have three goals: to promote creativity, share world cultures, and care for people and the planet. // Back to top.

How do you decide what crafts to feature?
We travel the world looking for crafts that are traditional, beautiful, and can be adapted for a fun experience for our customers. We favor indigenous cultures, as they have rich artisan traditions going back generations, and are often in danger of being lost. We only offer kits from countries where we have personally spent time. New countries are introduced throughout the year; check back often or sign up to our mailing list to keep up with new kits. // Back to top.

Where can I buy kits?
We currently offer kits through As we add online and boutique retailers we will list them here. If you are a stockist or retailer and are interested in carrying our kits, contact us here. // Back to top.

Do you ship internationally?
Not yet, but we are working on it. We are hoping to offer this in 2018. If you want to be the first to know when this is available, please sign up for our mailing list here. // Back to top.

Are Passport Craft Kits for boys or girls?
Both! Anyone who likes fun, being creative, or the enormous satisfaction of making something with your own two hands will enjoy these kits. Jewelry kits come with a second craft option (keychain or bookmark, for example) for anyone who prefers not to wear their craft. // Back to top.

Are Passport Craft Kits for kids or adults?
Both! Younger kids tend to love the process and personalizing their crafts, while older kids and adults tend to enjoy learning to follow the technique and then making something unique with it. Many adults tell us that it is very relaxing. One suggestion - if you or your little makers are having fun and being creative, that's the whole point. It's ok if it doesn't look the way it does in the pictures! // Back to top.

What if my craft didn't come out right?
As long as you are having fun and learning something new, we think you're doing it right! While we adapt our kits to be fun for a wide audience, the real artisans who practice these traditions hone their skills over years and years of practice, often starting at a young age alongside a parent. Your first attempt at a craft may not be perfect! We find that our crafters who are focused on the fun of making and learning enjoy the craft no matter the result. 

Younger crafters often love experimenting and being creative with the materials, and we suggest not trying to "fix" their craft as long as they are enjoying the activity and feeling good about themselves. 

We also include enough materials for two crafts in each original kit or subscription box, so you can either craft with a friend or use one as practice. All that said, if you are having trouble with your craft, let us know by contacting us here and we'll help you out! // Back to top.

I lost my Tingomo passport!
Get a new passport here, absolutely free. Phew! // Back to top.

Which non-profits do you support? 
For every kit sold we make a donation to a non-profit working in that kit's home country. We support partners who help artisans, keep vulnerable families together, or send girls to school. In each country, we work with both large, established non-profit networks as well as grassroots organizations with whom we can have a great deal of impact. We currently support Maiti Nepal, the The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and the Traditional Arts, and SOS Children's Villages in Mexico. Find out more about our non-profit partners on our TINGOMO CARES page. // Back to top.

How do I get a free Class Pack for a classroom? 
Every month we give away two Class Packs - one goes to a low-income school or after-school program in either Los Angeles or Vermont (where Tingomo is based), and one is selected from nominations from folks like you. To nominate a classroom to win a free Class Pack, visit our FOR TEACHERS page and submit the name of the teacher and school (or program lead and after-school program name). To nominate yourself or someone else to win a free homeschool pack (Party Pack - makes 8 kits) please visit our HOMESCHOOL page. Currently only U.S. classrooms and homeschoolers are eligible. If you did not win, also consider fundraising or applying for arts grants. Teachers can also list our Class Packs on (requires 6 or more points). // Back to top.

How are your kits made?
We travel the world to learn about global cultures and select crafts that are beautiful and fun to make. If we can use traditional materials and techniques, we do. However, when other materials can be sourced more sustainably or are safer for our customers, we use alternate materials and/or modify the craft technique. We go through many rounds of product development and testing with kids, parents, and art educators to make sure each kit is fun and safe to use. Our materials are tested to the strictest safety standards by an independent lab in the U.S. We prepare and assemble our kits in the U.S., in Los Angeles and Vermont. // Back to top.

Subscriptions FAQ

Do you offer subscriptions?
Yes! We currently have a one-year subscription that will send you a kit every other month (for a total of 6 kits a year). These make a great gift! // Back to top.

Do the different age subscriptions offer different crafts?
Not always. The "6 to Adult" subscriptions and the "9 to Adult" subscription will be from the same country. When the craft is suitable for younger kids while still being fun and engaging for older kids, we may offer the same craft in both boxes. // Back to top.   

When will I get my first subscription kit? 
You'll get a welcome letter right away with a passport for collecting country "stamps." Your first kit will come when we do our next shipment (every two months). If you want to enjoy a kit in the meantime, you can order an individual kit; none of our individual kits will be repeated in the subscription. //  Back to top.

I already got some individual kits; will there be duplicates in the subscription?
No. Subscribers get the first peek at our new countries and crafts. After all subscribers have received that country's kit, we offer the kit for individual sale. // Back to top.

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