Amanda Reid, Founder, Tingomo, LLC
Amanda founded Tingomo to share her love of world cultures and use business as a force for good. She creates our Passport Craft kits and guide booklets. After working in non-profits and returning from Peace Corps service, Amanda has worked as a strategist at ad agencies, market research firms, and GOOD Corps, a social impact consultancy. 

John Reid, Operations, Tingomo, LLC
John (Amanda's dad) does operational stuff for Tingomo. He's a retired SVP for Services & Technology at The Associated Press. John and his wife, Patti, split their time between their home in Vermont and Los Angeles, where their four grandchildren live. He loves to travel, particularly by sailboat. 

John Kim, Tingomo Cares, Tingomo, LLC
JK looks after Tingomo Cares, guiding our sustainability practices, non-profit relationships, reporting and impact measurement. He is a Corporate Social Responsibility specialist and he has a particular interest in helping businesses adopt and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He and Amanda have two rascally kids, and he loves soccer, cycling, and trying street food in new places.

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So many kind people have reviewed kits and offered guidance. To name a few:

Patti, Copy Editor and Granny Nanny
Katy, Photographer,
Aimee, Arts Educator,
Kate, Art Director,
Cacky, Arts Educator
Sarah, Educator
Brook, Textile Designer and Entrepreneur,
Jen, Strategist and Entrepreneur,
Meghan, Game Creator,
Elizabeth, Architectural Designer
Malaika, Arts Educator,
Driscoll, Creative Director
Lori, Swain's Art Supplies
Ntando, Owner, House of Yimama
Jolene, Owner, Bazaar Star Beadery
Alex, Designer, Peltz Creative
Emily, Designer
Thas, Chief Strategy Officer, Omelet
Robyn, MFTI
Paige, Peace Corps Volunteer, Mozambique
Faissel and Ghislaine, Owners, Zellij Gallery
TWIGG (The Winging It Girls Guide) How-To
Everyone at GOOD