Being a teacher is a tough job. Besides developing lessons, grading homework, and teaching all day, teachers are often working with kids facing enormous home-life, emotional, or behavioral challenges. We know that teachers would love to focus on the thing they are called to do: inspiring young minds.

We designed our Passport Craft Kit Class Packs to make it easy to inspire and engage your learners. Each pack makes 24 of that craft and includes everything a student needs: materials, instructions and interesting information about that country (some kits require your own scissors). Materials are all prepped and ready to use. Passport Craft Kits bring much-needed arts education to the classroom, as well as teaching kids about geography, diverse cultures, foreign languages, comparative religion, and global traditions. 

Every month we give away a Class Pack. To nominate a classroom to win a free Class Pack, please fill out the form below. U.S. classrooms are eligible. If your school does not win, consider fundraising or applying for arts grants. Teachers can also list our Class Packs on DonorsChoose.org (requires 6 or more points).

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